Pain across the bottom of the foot at any point between the heel and the ball of the foot is often referred to as “arch pain.” Although this description is non-specific, most arch pain is due to strain or inflammation of the plantar fascia (a long ligament on the bottom of the foot). This condition is known as plantar fasciitis and is sometimes associated with a heel spur.

Arch pain In most cases, arch pain develops from overuse, unsupportive shoes, weight gain, or acute injury. If arch pain persists beyond a few days, make an appointment to see one of our doctor’s for treatment to prevent this condition from becoming worse.

Dr. Warheit and  Dr. Smielewski have been assisting patients in implementing solutions that ease Arch Pain in the Northwest Suburbs for over 15 years. Every patients situation is unique. Therefore it is important that you seek treatment in order to  determine the proper solution for you. Visit us at our Buffalo Grove Office and meet with Dr. Warheit or Dr. Smielewski. Contact us by clicking here.